Renewable Juneau was founded in 2016 by three local residents who saw an amazing amount of both opportunity and need for action. We work with local citizens, businesses and CBJ agencices and officials to encourage increased usage of Juneau’s abundant renewable energy resources.

Through the promotion of electric vehicles and associated charging infrastructure, support for the migration of electric resistance and oil heat to highly energy efficient heat pumps, and by advocating for regulatory processes that support these end goals, we hope to help Juneau reach the CBJ-supported goal of powering our capital city with 80% renewable energy by the year 2045.

Renewable Juneau has a board of directors of seven committed local residents with a diversity of backgrounds and skills. From policy experts to fisheries specialists and  community organizers to tourism directors and guides, our board is excited and inspired by the positive changes taking place in our community. We currently support a mail list of over 400 persons, have signed support of dozens of local businesses and have an active social media presence that features near daily updates.

We welcome any and all suggestions and comments and would love to hear from you! Contact us here or visit Renewable Juneau on Facebook.